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Dreaming Reality at Corridor Gallery Guest Curated by Sabrina Yasmin Smith

Corridor Gallery is very pleased to have recently worked with guest Curator Sabrina Y. Smith to create the exhibition Dreaming Reality on view at Corridor Gallery January 26th - March 15th 2014.
J Swofford Thoughts, 16" x 20" fiber based hand-printed photograph on oriental paper

 Sabrina Y. Smith came to Rush Arts and Corridor Gallery through the curatorial submission process of 2013.  She is a young up and coming curator currently living a bi-coastal lifestyle between NYC and LA.  She is an incredible artist advocate and writer who has traveled through 20 countries by the age of 25.  This gives her a beautiful global perspective and the power to bring together artists from several countries.  In Dreaming Reality at Corridor Gallery we celebrate the art of Fabrice Cazenave, Ahmet Murat Karayilan, John Ransom Phillips'  J Swofford, Sebastian Wahl.  The exhibition ties together painting, collage, photography and resin constructions that take the viewer on a journey somewhere between dream and reality. 

She has also created the blog Art Gypsy Tales which is a collection of artist interviews.  She has posted over 90 artist interviews in the past year.  Please check it out

Find her curatorial statement about Dreaming Reality below for more information.


Sebastian Wahl, Aquatic Mandala, 48" x 48" collage on resin

Dreaming Reality

Curated by Sabrina Y.Smith

In search for their most intimate selves, and the underlining truth that ties us all, the following artists, through different outlets - meditation, psychedelic drugs, dreams, hypnosis – attempt to access the subconscious mind, and reveal the information it holds. Speaking an unknown language that we somehow understand, they weave altogether a kaleidoscopic narrative of the mind.

J Swofford's Riddle of The Echo series translates the dream-like scenes of the unconscious to the conscious. The exploration of enigmatic symbols, which are
associated with memories and dreams, spark a cascade of allusions and connections in the
mind of the viewer. The photographs, obtained with a Metol formula mix made by the artist, are printed in the darkroom (none of these compositions are digitally manipulated) on silver gelatin paper. The process further underlines the unsettling immersion into an unpredictable world guided by instinct and feeling.

Sebastian Wahl is a mind explorer who recreates its imagery into intricate psychedelic landscapes. His resin collages reveal colorful and familiar images, meticulously layered into three-dimensional narratives - offering limitless depths and reflecting the multi- layered nature of the mind. Some works contain 'glow-in-the-dark' shapes inspired by sacred geometry, revealing secret messages when the lights turn off. One may find recurring characters or symbols, acting like omens, telling a larger story together.

Ahmet Murat Karayilan 's work focuses on Heidegger's concept of Dasein, which characterizes human existence as "Being" (versus Cartesian "thinking"), where the subconscious - rather than the conscious - is the defining trait. In these works, Karayilan's figures are omnipresent by their absence: they are a part of the image, yet their environment seems to be shaped by their own mind.

John Ransom Phillips' Sleeping Presidents painting series is interested in showing how one's dreams are ultimately one's true reality. Phillips imagines the dreams of America's forty-three presidents, revealing an intimate and unexplored side to these iconic figures, and ultimately humanizing them. Echoing Walt Whitman, Phillips says of these works, “I am dreaming all the dreams of Grant, Obama, Reagan, Washington, ... And then I
become them.”

Fabrice Cazenave seeks inspiration in high awareness states by drawing blind-folded, or even under hypnosis. His work is an experience of reality throughout all the senses. In reaching a state of trance, Cazenave relives a palette of sensations and emotions that he simultaneously draws. Guided by his hearing, smell, taste, and touch - he lets the

sensations restore the most faithful image. The experience calls for an extreme concentration and a complete disconnect with time - strongly guided by his subconscious.

Dreaming Reality is an invitation to enter the subconscious mind. One can map the recurring symbols, situations and characters that thread each work. This exhibit not only shows individual realities but reveals the bonding narrative – our common truth - one that may impact the viewer's own subconscious, behavior and life.

Ahmet Murat Karayilan, The Queen Cassiopeia, 23" x 35" oil and collage on canvas

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